COVID19: Update

Although we are currently unable to provide a physical presence, rest assured that we are still open and continue to adapt our business services and products to ensure we provide you with an excellent service. If you have any queries please contact us via your preferred way. We have created a dedicated webpage where you will find a number of free resources, updated regularly, and more information of relevant services to help you during this period.

To find out more please CLICK HERE.

Help for your business

Working at home brings a number of challenges that individuals and firms need to deal with. To provide help and ideas in this time, we have created an information page and will continue to build on it in the future. In particular, our management training team are working on exciting material to ensure teams are working effectively.

For more information on ways we can help firms remotely, please CLICK HERE.

Mercia face-to-face courses

To ensure that firms continue to receive high quality, interactive training in the current situation, all Mercia open face-to-face courses are now being run in virtual classrooms until further notice. 

During July we will be publishing our new Mercia Live Autumn programme. In addition to your usual 3 hour events, we have introduced one hour updates that will run early morning and late evening to help you with work life balance during these challenging times.

If you can no longer make the proposed date, we will offer you a recorded online equivalent from our extensive online training library. However, if the online live or recorded options do not work for you, until further notice our 14-day cancellation policy will be waived and course credits reinstated to your credit bank.

For clients with an inhouse course scheduled, we will be in contact to confirm movement of that session to a virtual classroom. 

The initial feedback from delegates on the virtual classrooms has been amazing and they are confirming a great connection to the lecturer and ability interact, even if we are all stuck at home!

For more information on our virtual classrooms, please CLICK HERE.

File reviews and consultancy

Where a firm has an onsite review scheduled in, we will contact you to discuss the ways we can undertake the review remotely. Clearly firms are busy adjusting to the new reality, but compliance matters cannot be put on hold and Mercia help in a variety of ways.

All of our consultants are familiar with ways of sharing documents securely, accessing desktops remotely and dealing with information sent in the post! So, however you need to operate at this time, we can help.

There may also be questions that arise on individual clients and our Technical Query line remains open so firms can receive quick answers on specific cases.

For more information on ways we can help firms remotely, please CLICK HERE.

Our COVID-19 Resources Package

Designed to help your client facing teams keep up to speed with the business and individual impacts of COVID-19 related Government announcements and legislation, our COVID-19 technical resources online package is available to purchase now.

This new resource is FREE to Mercia members and can be accessed by logging into your account and clicking on the COVID-19 link within the ‘My packages’ area of 'My Account'.